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It is a very reliable car. I have passed emisions with no problem everytime. It is perfect for my family and is a good looking car. I've put a spoiler on it and tinted windows and it looks just like a lexus....

     2002 Toyota Corolla

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2002 toyota corolla 2002 toyota corolla 2002 toyota corolla

Modifications produced from september 2002 Toyota Corolla

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# ModificationBody type DriveTransFuelDisplacement, litres Engine modelFramePrice, kYen
1 X Sedan FF MT G 1.32NZ-FEUA-NZE120-AEMNK 1233
2 X Sedan FF MT G 1.51NZ-FEUA-NZE121-AEMNK 1283
3 X Sedan FF AT G 1.32NZ-FEUA-NZE120-AEPNK 1308
4 X Sedan FF AT G 1.51NZ-FEUA-NZE121-AEPNK 1358
5 X Sedan FF MT D 2.23C-EKE-CE121-AEMNE 1413
6 G Sedan FF MT G 1.51NZ-FEUA-NZE121-AEMEK 1453
7 X Sedan FF AT D 2.23C-EKE-CE121-AEPNE 1488
8 G Sedan FF AT G 1.51NZ-FEUA-NZE121-AEPEK 1528
9 X Sedan 4WD AT G 1.51NZ-FEUA-NZE124-AEPNK 1558
10 G Sedan FF MT D 2.23C-EKE-CE121-AEMEE 1583
11 G Sedan FF AT D 2.23C-EKE-CE121-AEPEE 1658
12 G Sedan 4WD AT G 1.51NZ-FEUA-NZE124-AEPEK 1728
13 Luxel Sedan FF AT G 1.81ZZ-FEUA-ZZE122-AEPGK 1798
14 Luxel premium edition Sedan FF AT G 1.81ZZ-FEUA-ZZE122-AEPGK(L) 1888
15 Luxel Sedan 4WD AT G 1.81ZZ-FEUA-ZZE124-AEPGK 1998
16 Luxel Navi edition Sedan FF AT G 1.81ZZ-FEUA-ZZE122-AEPGK(N) 2003
17 Luxel premium edition Sedan 4WD AT G 1.81ZZ-FEUA-ZZE124-AEPGK(L) 2088
18 Luxel Navi edition Sedan 4WD AT G 1.81ZZ-FEUA-ZZE124-AEPGK(N) 2203

X - G - Luxel - Luxel premium edition - Luxel Navi edition
2002 Toyota Corolla
Japanese Import Car, New & Used Car, 2007