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2004 toyota corolla 2004 toyota corolla
2004 toyota corolla 2004 toyota corolla
2004 toyota corolla 2004 toyota corolla
2004 toyota corolla 2004 toyota corolla
2004 toyota corolla  
    2004 Toyota Corolla Review, Clark75

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Corolla CE

 ModelCorolla CE
 What things have gone wrong with the car?Ride height too tall
Good amount of body roll
 General comments?It's a great car what can I say. It's definately larger than the previous model it replaced. I owned a 2001 Corolla that I returned (lease ended).

This is feels like it has more power, despite only having 5hp more than the previous one. I have a 5spd. It has a larger throttle body than the previous model and now uses the intake manifold of the Celica, instead of the snaky tubes the previous one had.

Let me start with the exterior. The body looks great. The only thing I don't like is that it looks narrow and tall, kinda like the Echo... but I've grown into it. The paint is decent. I like how they have the door handles on these. I like grabbing it from the top instead of the bottom, avoids scratching the paint with your nails.

The interior. It's nice and plush. I didn't like the interior of the previous S models. The fabric felt rough and "cheap". This one feels good and soft. It's a plasticky interior, but pretty well put together, no rattles. The display is easy on the eyes. The standard CD radio is pretty good. However, when you turn it up a bit high, it shows its lack of wattage. I wish that they used a standard din sized area for the radio so I can replace the head unit with a nicer aftermarket one from Nakamichi. I can do it still, but it would look ungly once the space adapters are used. The visibility is great.

Engine. I am very impressed with the engine. It revs freely and has enough power. Car magazines tested a 5spd CE and got 7.9seconds to 60 mph... not bad for an econobox. The gears seem to be a little closer together than the previous model but it doesn't really bother me. It can sure use a 6th gear since I feel that 3,300rpm is a bit high going 80mph. The engine bay has alot of room for you to stick your hands in there and do some work. So far I've changed the oil without any problems at all.

Cargo space is no problem at all. I can fit 2 large suit cases in the trunk.

The ride is very smooth, almost Camry like. Pick up is good, depending on how heavy your foot is. You can easily smoke the front tires if you want to. Brakes are adequate with little fade.

I'm getting about 29mpg in the city and about 37mpg in the hwy. That's with the AC on and in L.A. traffic. I'm sure if I'd drive in the highway straight (no traffic, 43mpg is no sweat).

I was going to get an S model, but I didn't want to pay around $4,000 more. I could live without power windows or door locks. With the money I saved, I will upgrade my rims (when they wear out) with some nice 17's or 18's, upgrade the stereo, tint the windows... and even put in a TRD supercharger that's good for an extra 30-50hp (depending on pulley size and fuel
 Previous car2001 Corolla S seems to have a bit better handling, but is out gunned by this one and has less passenger

Review 2004 Toyota Corolla Clark75
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